Monday at Lehmann’s!


Cards @ Chicago Tonight @ 7:05!

Today’s Food Specials

  • $7.95 Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy & corn
  • BOGO Free PIZZA 6:00-close (Dine In Only)
  • Fifty Cent Buffalo Wings 6:00-close


Today’s Drink Specials: Beer of the Day: Shock Top Pretzel Wheat Bottle $2!

  • $14 Buckets (5 domestics) 6- close
  • $3 16oz Aluminum Bottles 6-close
  • $1.50 Bud Light 7oz ponys 6-close
  • $4 Ketel One
  • $3.00 Blue Bombs 6-close
  • 1/2 Price Happiest of Hours 3:00-6:00 M-F (All Drinks)
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